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Welcome to Krishi IQ

Digital Dissemination of Agriculture Practices of Cluster Bean and Gram in 'Hyper Arid Partially Irrigated Western Plain' Zone of Rajasthan

Krishi IQ provides farm to fork videos and text based tutorials that covers complete agriculture cycle of Cluster Bean (Kharif) and Gram (Rabi) crops. The complete agriculture cycle means aspects related to crop production, processing, distribution, marketing and value addition. The farmers, students, teachers or anyone can educate themselves via this website or by Krishi IQ android app which is available anytime, anywhere free of cost.

The outbreak of internet and mobile telephony is all together changing the landscape of accessibility. Agriculture and farmers are no exception to this. The agriculture education cannot be bounded into classrooms from now. There are efforts going around globally and in Indian context to generate e-content especially educational videos related to farming practices. These efforts are very scattered, unorganized and incomplete. The agriculture practices also vary a lot. Hence, it is contemplated to fulfill the need gap and providing the standardized educational videos which can be accessed 365 days and 24 hours from anywhere. As visual learning is easy to understand then reading and learning through teaching, the project is envisaged to develop the series of short video-contents for selected Kharif and Rabi crops of Hyper Arid Partially Irrigated Westen Plain (HAPIWP) Zone of Rajasthan.

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Learn A to Z

Complete agriculture cycle of Cluster Bean and Gram from Production, Processing, Distribution and Marketing


Selection of Seeds, Use of high quality seeds, treatment of seeds before sowing.


Soil Health Testing, Maintaining Soil Health, Land preparation of soil for sowing.


Appropriate time for sowing, Methods of sowing seeds, Sowing depths and patterns.


Irrigation and water management.


Fertiliser Applications.

Weeds & Pests

Proper control of weeds, Protection of plants from diseases & harmful insects, Pest Management.

Loans & Insurance

Crop Insurance, Agricultural Loans and Other loans.

Postharvest Operation

Cleaning, Sorting, Packing, Storage and Transportation.

NCDEX Procedures

Understanding the National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange procedures.

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