Krishi IQ: Digital Dissemination of Agriculture Practices of Cluster Bean and Gram

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(A Project of National Agriculture Development Programme)


Krishi IQ project was started in 2016 to cater needs of Agro-Climatic Zone IC (Hyper Arid Partially Irrigated Zone - Western Plain) of Rajasthan. It is situated at, latitude: N 28° 4' 30.324'', longitude: E 73° 20' 26.102'' and 235 meter above mean sea level. Zone occupies an area 7.70 million ha geographical area spread over Bikaner & Jaisalmer district and four tehsils of Churu district i.e. Ratangarh, Sujangarh, Sardarshahar and Bidasar. The average rainfalls vary from 141 mm in Jaisalmer to 325 mm in Churu. The mean daily maximum temperature goes beyond 46.0°C during summer and lowers up to 14.0°C during winters. Similarly, mean daily minimum temperature during summers reaches up to > 30.0°C and come down to below freezing point during winters. The area is characterized by stormy southwest winds with frequent dust storms. 70% cultivated area is rainfed. Crop production in this part gambles with monsoon. Soils of the zone are sandy in texture, very low in fertility with respect to almost all nutrients. Soils are aeolian in nature with very high permeability at surface and low in nutrient and water retention capacity. Considerable area under the zone has hard pan at varying depths. Some soils of the zone are gypsiferous also.
Map of Agro-Climatic Zone IC (Hyper Arid Partially Irrigated Zone - Western Plain) of Rajasthan
The major Kharif crops of the zone under rainfed condition are:
  • Pearl Millet
  • Moth Bean
  • Cluster Bean
And major Kharif crop of the zone under irrigated conditions is:
  • Groundnut
In Rabi season the major crops are:
  • Chickpea
  • Wheat
  • Mustard
  • Gram


To achieve Zero Distance, Zero Waiting Time and Zero Cost for the farmer to acquire agricultural education.